Oleg Palchyk

Kyiv based photographer and post-production designer.

Since 2006, I have been professionally engaged in commercial photography (advertising portrait and product photography) and creative photography.

I participated in several solo exhibitions: “Watch the Music” (2010), “Wandering Biorobots” (2011), “Forty Spots” (2011), "Impressions of Franconia" (2012). Participated in collective exhibitions "OstAnders Music Edition" (2012, Germany), "KyivPhotoWeek" (2017, Ukraine)

Which co-author participated in the publication of 2 photo albums "Euro Holidays in Kharkov" (Kharkov, 2013) and "Kharkov sources" (Kharkov, 2013). Both on the initiative and support of the Kharkiv City and Regional Councils.

I have repeatedly published in local and foreign publications (including "New York Times Magazine", "Maxim").

Received Gold in the Portrait nomination at the British Institute of Professional Photography National Awards 2018 for collaboration with photographer Michael Wharley (London).

For several years he worked in one of the largest photo productions in Ukraine - Positive Pictures Production as a post-production designer and photographer. Founder and Head of Design at GoodGuys Production.

I have experience in personal training (remotely and in person) of the post-production designer profession with subsequent cooperation (from 2016 to this day).

At various times I have worked on projects for McDonalds Ukraine, McDonalds Belarus, Lifecell, New Balance, Metro, Samsung, Phillip Morris, Procter & Gamble, Lexus, Unicef, DCH, International Airport Kharkiv, FC Metallist, FC Shakhtar, Ahmad Tea, Toyota. He also collaborated with creative agencies: TBWA Ukraine, BBDO Ukraine, Tabasco Ukraine, Saatchi & Saatchi, Banda, etc.